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Hello Hello. I am named Mcy and this is my personal and doodle blog. I post text, photos and doodles anything under the sun. Enjoy and have a nice day.

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Sach'ly Churp Churp

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Frequently Asked Questions

 A Little Something about Me.

  • Hello. Im Maricris but I prefer to be called as Mcy. Im 21 years old and I resides here in the Philippines. I like to doodle a lot when Im bored and I like cute things too. If you want to know more about me, You can visit my little slumbook located at my tags.

 Doodle-Related Qs

  • How do you doodles? - I use my imagination and my mouse in doodling. I dont own any tablet but im planning to buy some.
  • What program do you use? - I always use Paint Tool Sai when doodling. I rarely use Photoshop.
  • How do you draw just by using your mouse? - First and foremost, your hands must be that steady and it needs a lot of practice to and another thing is that you have to make your mouse a little heavy to avoid that squiggling moment.
  • How do I get this smooth lines? - you have to adjust the stabilizer or the smoothing of your pen an average or a higher rate will do. 
  • What fonts do you use? - most of the time i use my mousewritting (hohoho) but i do use some like, Lemons can fly, Kwang Soo and many more. you can download it at the dafont.com
  • Can you draw anime or some serious drawings? - im afraid not. i can only draw doodles but i do try to draw anime i always fail and it doesn’t look good. O3
  • Can you teach me how to draw like you? - i was planning to make some tutorials but im afraid im not that good enough to teach you. n-n
  • Can I use your doodles? - sure, as long as the watermark is presence and credits are available. but in not personal use, like mug printing, tshirt printing or stationaries.
  • Can you draw for me? - it really depends on my mood. i sometimes open for art trades but rarely on request. You can see it on my toodles announcement, if im available on doing it.

 Tumblr-Related Qs

  • Do you follow back? - Not most of the time. It depends on the blog but I do check the blogs of my followers. :)
  • Why did you Unfollow me? - I rarely unfollow but I dont like my dash to be flooded of unneccesary things. Sorry for that.
  • What blogs do you follow? - I mostly follow blogs with doodles, cute stuff, anime, hello kitty, pink and funny posts.
  • Why didn’t you answer on my messages? - Maybe your asked box is disabled, the answer is already here, i overlooked on your message.


  • I am using the Base theme made by Hunson is Groovy titled Speingfield and tweaked by me. 

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 contact me: hellomcy@hotmail.com 

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh